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“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today” - Malcolm_X

At ADYPU, we design our courses to be hands-on and relevant to the industry. Our focus has always been to ensure that the student develops requisite competencies to be industry ready, so that they can hit the ground running, and blend seamlessly into any organization. In fact our vision is deeper than making our students employable, we endeavour to make them thorough Professionals, who will in the future become the luminaries of the business world.

The value creation within a student involves getting them to maintain a solid academic rigour throughout their scholastic years, complimented by exposure to and working on real problems within the industry and society in general. This we feel brings out the best in them, wherein they are oriented to take on Thought Leadership initiatives, enabling change and innovation and becoming the harbingers of a great future for India.

Our strong industry connect helps us leverage and provide ample opportunities for our students to display their skill and passion, and give them a distinct advantage compared to their peers.


  • Placement Process : What we do?
  • Student Lifecycle Management: Salient Features
  • Placement Process : How we do it ?

    We have with great care and diligence put into place a robust process for placements, which is open and transparent to all the stake holders namely the students, companies as well as the management of ADYPU. How the process works has been listed in simple steps:

    • Initiate contact with companies on an ongoing basis across the length and breadth of the country in line with the placement schedule.
    • Companies wishing to hire from our campus, provide us with the necessary data (Job description/Roles) through a Job Announcement Form (JAF)
    • We then scrutinize the requirements based on which wesend a formal invitation to these companies.
    • On acceptance of the invitation we fix a mutually convenient date and time for the Interview&Selection process.
    • We announce the visit along with the details provided by the company in the announcement form to the students.
    • Eligible students convey their consent to attend these interviews at least a week in advance. The applicant studentsprofile along with the essential details is communicated to the company.
    • In response the company re-confirms their travel plan a week before the allocated visit date.
    • The student volunteers from the placement team get the requisite logistics organised in terms of conference rooms and other support services for the campus interviews.
    • Post interview the shortlisted students are notified about their final selection by the company.
    • Students then sign the acceptance of the offer letter and the signedcopy is forwarded to the company and the respective Head of School.


    Salient Features:

    • No registration charges for the companies.
    • Infrastructure provided for conducting pre-placement talks, aptitude tests, group discussions and interviews.Guidance and preparation are also provided to students who need assistance. 1on1 coaching and mentoring sessions are conducted to manage student performance and expectations.
    • A team of dedicated placement committee volunteers work to ensure simpler logistics and all other related issues pertaining to campus placement.
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Contact the Placement & Corporate Relations Team:


Hobby Menon   9049046141
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Jay Ramchandran   9689994622 (Placements and Corporate Relations Team)


AditiSanyal   7030190718 (Placements and Corporate Relations Team)


Dr.Maninder Gill 7986921047 (Placements and Corporate Relations Team)