Mapping the Future
What Can Shiv Teach New Humans?

Published on: 13th February, 2018

Humans need a reason to celebrate and we, Hindus, in particular, have designed festivals to mark important spiritual, celestial, agricultural and economic events. One of the major ones -- Mahashivratri -- falls mostly during February-March and is of immense importance to people on the spiritual path.Continue reading

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Don’t Toot Your Horn

Published on: 9th February, 2018

While horns are a definite improvement over people walking in front of cars waving red flags in the 1860s, they have intruded into the innermost corners of our minds. Incessant honking is almost as natural as a pulse on Indian roads; it has become an invisible backdrop to our stress and anxiety.Continue reading

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The Budget

Published on: 1st February, 2018

There are a few things that unite all the stakeholders of society like the announcement of the country’s budget. The 2018 budget brought to my attention the various sectors it affects, and also, gave us all an idea of the nation the politicians wish to build.Continue reading

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New Humanities

Published on: 25th January, 2018

Technology never stands still. The pace and magnitude of technological advancements is exponential and in future it will completely change what it means to be a human. Continue reading

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A look at all the aspects of Human Life - at home, school and work; now and in the future. Here are my views on how we may live and work in the coming decades, what skills we would need to survive and prosper, and what difference technological advances such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality and big data will make to the same…and additionally, a few other things that I am passionate about.

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